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January 28, 2016
"Hot Farting Wind in Your Face"
VideoHD - 8:06 minutes

Lizzy's ass is extra sexy in this video as she lays on her bed and releases hot farting wind in your face. You know those kinds of farts that comes out with a burning hiss and instantly fill the air with a sulfery aroma!!!  Ahhhhhhh take a deep breath and enjoy Lizzy's hot wind in your face and up your nose Queen Of Farts style.

December 30, 2015
"Mommy Farts for her Son"
VideoHD - 3:43 minutes

Lizzy's 9 year old sniffing son is all grown up but one thing has not changed, he still loves the smell of her farts but now his appetite for her steam is even stronger. So in this video Lizzy allows him to video tape her farting activity while she teases, pleases, and expels her anal perfume from her beautiful mommy ass. Finally a boys dream come true when he gets to smell the glorious gas from his favorite hot MILF ass.

December 16, 2015
"Sweet Cheeks"
VideoHD - 8:00 minutes

Lizzy's ass is amazing in this video as she rips bubbly wet elephant farts from her sweet meaty cheeks. Ooops was that a butt nugget that shot across the room? hahaha Lizzy's dirty brown ass hole is ready for some tolet paper or better yet your tongue!!!

December 4, 2015
"Worship my Ass and Eat my Farts"
VideoHD - 10:57 minutes

I'm so excited that you could be meet in my bathroom for a private ass worship and fart eating session. First I will close the window, lock the door, then tape your mouth shut so you are forced to enjoy my steaming wet farts in your face, up your nose and in your mouth.You will worship my glorious ass and everything that spews from it like the good fart craving slave you are. Now you can jack off that throbbing cock and prove to me that you love my juicy ass in all it's glory. The harder you get the more farts I will expel in your nostrils and lungs.

November 24, 2015
"Diarr Emergency on Lizzys Toilet"
VideoHD - 4:35 minutes

Queen Of Farts Lizzy is desperate to use the toilet and finally makes her way to her thrown. The minute she plops her meaty ass on the bowl she explodes with bubble guts & gas. Lets hope she has a plunger and plenty of toilet paper near by to help her through this "Diarr" Emergency!!!

November 15, 2015
"911 in Lizzys Pants"
VideoHD - 5:37 minutes

Poor Queen Of Farts Lizzy just got done eating lunch and barely makes it home. She rushes in the house to use the toilet but has a terrible accident in her pants. Her swollen intestines filled with erupting lava splatters out like a nuclear bomb. Ooops Looks like she just ruined another pair of jeans with her messy farts. Will Lizzy ever make it to the toilet? Or will she continue to suffer this diar emergency in her pants? Join us inside and find out!

November 6, 2015
"Lizzys Greatest Fart Compilation"
VideoHD - 6:23 minutes

Members will enjoy 50 different farts taken from a custom video then put together in one clip for some amazing back to back non stop farting action! This is one of Lizzy's greatest fart compilations of all time containing some of her wettest, loudest and longest farts yet! Another Queen Of Farts Classic fart video proving why Lizzy the Queen Of Farts still hold crown to best farting lady of all times!!!

October 28, 2015
"Lizzy Dumps a Load on the First Date"
VideoHD - 13:51 minutes

This video was made as a custom order but we feel it's too good not to share. Imagine going on a date with a girl who isn't ashamed of her toilet activities and actually invites you in the bathroom to watch, up close and personal! Lots of splattering, splashing and apple dropping action as Lizzy farts her brains out on the toilet. A fart fan's dream come true!!!

October 18, 2015
"Morning Pee & Farts"
VideoHD - 6:00 minutes

So lately I've been getting alot of requests to combine my farts with pee. I guess some of you guys like to see girls pee and fart together! So I decided to make a pee and fart video first thing in the morning when my pee is nice and concentrated and my farts are nature and sweet. It's a lovely fragrance to wake up to.

October 8, 2015
"Butt Nugget Marathon"
VideoHD - 8:55 minutes

Lizzy the Queen Of Farts is getting ready to go for a jog but needs to get rid of some gas. The more she stretches the more she farts and soils her  new spandex pants with hot sticky farts. Ooops Lizzy pushed too hard now she has a bulging butt nugget in her crack. Another QueenOfFarts classic fart video with some of  her loudest, longest and wettest farts yet!

October 1, 2015
"Toilet Wrecker"
VideoHD - 7:00 minutes

zzy the Toilet Wrecker is at it again blasting Pre-BM farts in her porcelain thrown while wearing her sexy leather thigh high boots. You will love watching Lizzy spread open her meaty cheeks to expose her bulging turtle roid. Then she splatters anal flapping vibrations on top of the lid. Another Queen Of Farts classic toilet fart video for you to enjoy!

September 24, 2015
"PreBM Farts in Leather Chaps"
VideoHD - 9:03 minutes

I just got done riding my Harley and need to take a dump. I should have used the toilet at the gas station but decided to wait until I got home. Now I am desperate to make a boo boo and can't stop farting. So I spread open my meaty cheeks to expose my turtle and pre bm farts in your face with a finale of toilet farts.

September 14, 2015
"Mouth Farts & Ass Belching"
VideoHD - 5:55 minutes

Ashley Dobbs and Lizzy the Queen Of Farts decide to have a burping and farting contest. So they drink some organic juice and proceed with the vulgarities. Ashley might be better at Burping but Lizz certainly earns her crown when she lets them rip on her porcelain thrown. Lots of burping and farting in this candid fun video starring the famous farting team Ashley & Lizz

August 27, 2015
"Ass Attack in Ashleys Room"
VideoHD - 9:08 minutes

I am staying at Ashley's house for an entire week and she has been feeding me delicious food rich in organics and fiber. So I just woke up and am making my bed like the police guest I am, however I can't stop farting! Ashley is in the other room and has no idea I am blasting ass juice in her room and on the floor. She will soon be faced with a hot box splattering surprise cause this room SMELLS LIKE ASS!

August 17, 2015
"Giant Enema 4 Lizzy"
VideoHD - 6:17 minutes

Watch Lizzy the queen of farts blast thick long gushes of anal fluids violently from her erupting ass as she gives Ashley Dobbs her first lesson on enema techniques. Ashley watches closely and even helps Lizzy fill up the giant enema bad and assists with the procedure. Ashley Dobbs loves to watch Lizzy clean out her ass violently and can’t wait to try it too.

August 4, 2015
"Blasting Ass in Bikinis"
VideoHD - 12:01 minutes

Ashley and Lizz are blasting ass outdoors with loud long farts in sexy bikinis. They oil each other up in all the right places then proceed to break wind in each others face. Mmmm their farts smell so good and organic they begin to cup each others farts and enjoy them even more. Finally they go inside, strip down naked and dare each other to do naughty and unmentionable things. These girls are so fucking hot when they blast ass together because they REALLY ENJOY IT!!!

July 19, 2015
"Giant Enema for Ashley Dobbs"
VideoHD - 11:00 minutes

 Lizzy the Queen Of Farts had so much fun giving AshleyDobbs her very first enema. Yes you heard us right. . . Lizzy gave Ashley an enema! And she used a huge authentic medical enema bag as well, to assure complete cleansing of her colon. This was all part of a custom video, so the queenoffarts dresses up like a sexy nurse and Ashley is the patient who is constipated and completely backed up. Then the fun begins. . . . Lizzy fills up Ashley’s gorgeous rump with warm water from the huge enema bag. Then Ashley spreads open her meaty cheeks (NICE AND WIDE) and squirts out everything inside. Ewwww Hot liquid farts splattering all over the floor. Ashley LOVED it!!!

July 11, 2015
"Road Trip with Lizzy"
VideoHD - 7:24 minutes

Experience Lizzy's Goddess Gas through the eyes and nose of this lucky fan who gave Lizzy a ride home in his very own car. Imagine what that would be like, sitting right there next to the queen of farts as her sweet pungent farts fill the air for 1 hour! It doesn't get any better than that!!! Of course you would keep the windows rolled and inhale every intoxicating breath of anal perfume into your nose and lungs. This is a hot box dream come true and a ride you will never forget.

July 1, 2015
"Farting For a Fan at the Bus Stop"
VideoHD - 5:22 minutes

I just had dinner with my girlfriend but come to find out my car wont start so now I have no way home. Thank God the bus station is across the street. I ask a nice man if we can share the bench because my stomach hurts so bad and I really need to sit down. My poor ass is blasting out of control because of all the Mexican food I just ate. Long, hot and bubbly farts pass through my jeans non stop and leave burning skid marks in my pants. At first I am embarrassed as I excuses myself politely but then the man confesses that he knows who I am and begs me not to stop. This is the very first time I have been recognized by a real fart fan in person. I don't know whether to be embarrassed, scared or relieved. hahaha And by the size of the bulge in his pants I would say he really enjoys my farts.  

June 20, 2015
"Fart Juice Uncensored"
VideoHD - 14:51 minutes

Lets pretend this pillow is your face as you suck the farts from my hole. I spread open my meaty cheeks nice and wide so my ass hole is pressed directly on your nose. You love the smell of my anal perfume as I spray extra long farts in your nostrils. Now be a good boy and lick my ass clean of all the skid marks, nuggets and juice. You may go to sleep with your face resting on my scented pillow as your reward. Sweet dreams baby!