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"Poopy Farts"
VideoHD - 5:02 minutes

Ahhh nothing smells better than the release of pre-bm farts as they pass through the Queens intestines then out her ass. The sound and smell of these poopy farts are amazing!!! If you were there right now Lizzy would grab the back of your head and push your nose deep inside her cute little crack so you can experience the sweet essence of her intestinal gas for yourself.

"Mature Farts"
VideoHD - 6:55 minutes

I love to rip hot mature farts on your young hard cock. It really turns me on knowing that my Godly Gas makes your dick nice and hard. I wish you were here right now fucking the farts right out of my firm farting ass as we enjoy the vibrating smells together.

"Oh Krap"
VideoHD - 6:44 minutes

Poor Lizzy is trying to work on the computer when all of a sudden she experiences an uncontrollable outburst of gas! Fart after Fart they just keep exploding in her pants while she is sitting on her leather chair. She runs to the bathroom but doesn't make it, The last fart explodes in her ass and makes a starting wet mess in her pants before she lets it all out in the bowl.

"Gulpy Goodness"
VideoHD - 5:43 minutes

You are about to enjoy some of Lizzy's deepest, thickest and GULPIEST farts yet as she rips bodacious bombs from her brand new (never seen before) jeans, while talking on the phone with her new boyfriend.OMG can Lizzy's farts get any better? Well they just did, BAM!!! These are truly some of Lizzy's best farts yet packed with Non stop GULPY GOODNESS!!!

"Hot Farting Wind in Your Face"
VideoHD - 8:06 minutes

Lizzy's ass is extra sexy in this video as she lays on her bed and releases hot farting wind in your face. You know those kinds of farts that comes out with a burning hiss and instantly fill the air with a sulfery aroma!!!  Ahhhhhhh take a deep breath and enjoy Lizzy's hot wind in your face and up your nose Queen Of Farts style.

"Mommy Farts for her Son"
VideoHD - 3:43 minutes

Lizzy's 9 year old sniffing son is all grown up but one thing has not changed, he still loves the smell of her farts but now his appetite for her steam is even stronger. So in this video Lizzy allows him to video tape her farting activity while she teases, pleases, and expels her anal perfume from her beautiful mommy ass. Finally a boys dream come true when he gets to smell the glorious gas from his favorite hot MILF ass.

"Sweet Cheeks"
VideoHD - 8:00 minutes

Lizzy's ass is amazing in this video as she rips bubbly wet elephant farts from her sweet meaty cheeks. Ooops was that a butt nugget that shot across the room? hahaha Lizzy's dirty brown ass hole is ready for some tolet paper or better yet your tongue!!!

"Worship my Ass and Eat my Farts"
VideoHD - 10:57 minutes

I'm so excited that you could be meet in my bathroom for a private ass worship and fart eating session. First I will close the window, lock the door, then tape your mouth shut so you are forced to enjoy my steaming wet farts in your face, up your nose and in your mouth.You will worship my glorious ass and everything that spews from it like the good fart craving slave you are. Now you can jack off that throbbing cock and prove to me that you love my juicy ass in all it's glory. The harder you get the more farts I will expel in your nostrils and lungs.

"Diarr Emergency on Lizzys Toilet"
VideoHD - 4:35 minutes

Queen Of Farts Lizzy is desperate to use the toilet and finally makes her way to her thrown. The minute she plops her meaty ass on the bowl she explodes with bubble guts & gas. Lets hope she has a plunger and plenty of toilet paper near by to help her through this "Diarr" Emergency!!!

"911 in Lizzys Pants"
VideoHD - 5:37 minutes

Poor Queen Of Farts Lizzy just got done eating lunch and barely makes it home. She rushes in the house to use the toilet but has a terrible accident in her pants. Her swollen intestines filled with erupting lava splatters out like a nuclear bomb. Ooops Looks like she just ruined another pair of jeans with her messy farts. Will Lizzy ever make it to the toilet? Or will she continue to suffer this diar emergency in her pants? Join us inside and find out!