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"Gassy Punishment"
So I cought my sons best friend in my room sniffing my dirty panties. That little panty sniffing perve is gonna learn his lesson. So I shove him to my bed and force him to smell my stinky farts right from my stinky farting ass hole. Forced face farts POV style both naked and clothed in tight spandex pants and hot booty shorts. I will make him sniff and eat all my nasty farts, wet farts, toilet farts and pre BM farts whether he enjoys it or not. Gassy Punishment for a panty sniffing perve Queen Of Farts style!.

"Fluff a Butt"
VideoHD - 6:02 minutes

A sensual fart fetish video starring Lizzy the Queen Of Farts resting in bed while passing gas under the covers. These naturally sweet farts pass through Lizzy's intestines nice and slow then finally blow out her ass like a hot summer wind. Filling the air with a sweet sulfer smell even Lizzy herself loves the aroma so much she fluffs the covers to enjoy deep wafts of her anal perfume. Imagine yourself laying in bed with Lizzy as she fluffs a buff in your face, QueenOfFarts style!!!

"Farting Sexy in Spandex"
VideoHD - 5:14 minutes

Queen Of Farts Lizzy is so sexy when she rips ass and shows off her amazing farting ass in tight spandex pants and thigh high boots. If you like sexy girls farting in spandex then you will surely love this classic QueenOfFarts spandex farting video featuring Lizzy the queen of farts in all her spandex farting glory.

"Attack of the Giant Skid Mark"
VideoHD - 14:23 minutes

The Queen Of Farts just got a hot new pair of red skin tight jeans and ended up ruining them the first night she wore them out. Silly me for stuffing my face with that huge chili bean burrito cause I barely made it home. Ahhhhhh one big sloppy fart after the next splattering in my pants and filling my crotch with gulpy goodness. And the smell is even better!!! It feels so good to get out all theese sloppy corn farts but I certainly made a huge farting mess in my jeans. These are the biggest and wettest skid marks of my life! wet farts and skid marks QueenOfFarts style.

"BIGGEST Farts in Jeans"
VideoHD - 17:13 minutes

Lizzy is on a new vegan diet and she can't stop SHARTING!!! So naturlally she takes advatange of this opportunity and films one her BEST jean fart videos to date while wearing a brand new pair of skin tight jeans. Lizzy's ass has never looked better as she rips BIGnormous bubbly bombs in your face. A true classic queen of farts jean fart video you don't want to miss and Lizzy's ass has never looked better!

"Forced to Smell"
VideoHD - 9:47 minutes

Ashley's ass is on farting fire as she blasts bubbly farts right on Lizzy's face and up her nose. Poor Lizzy the Queen Of Farts is tied up and cannot escape the treacherous torture of Ashley Dobbs dirty farting ass hole!  the QueenOfFarts is forced to smell AshleyDobbs huge farting ass in all it's farting glory and everything that spews from it. But do you think Lizzy secretly likes it???

"Messy Present in Lizzys Pants"
VideoHD - 11:45 minutes

You are about to enjoy the most amazing jean farts of Lizzy's entire farting career. After Ashley Dobbs took "Queen Of Farts" title for a day Lizzy knew she had to step up her game and redeem herself. And in this fart video she does!!! A never ending display of Lizzy's wettest, bubbliest and gulpyiest farts yet while wearing a brand new pair of jeans which get destroyed!!! What comes out of Lizzy's ass is indescribable!!!

"Fart Contest with Ashley & Lizz"
VideoHD - 16:41 minutes

Well it finally happened! Lizzy the Queen Of Farts has been defeated by Ashley Dobbs and the most amazing farts of her life!!! It all starts out as a friendly competition as they both blast bubbly bombs through their pantyhose. But just when Lizzy thinks she holds title she sharts her brains out and ruins her first pair of pany hose while Ashley continues to show off her bodacious bum in all it's glory. One Gulpy fart after another Ashley's ass is on farting fire and continues to errupt with hot lava. This is by far Ashley's most amazing fart performance of her life So Lizzy respectfully crowns Ashley Queen Of Farts for a day. This is one gassy performance YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS!!!

"Poopy Farts"
VideoHD - 5:02 minutes

Ahhh nothing smells better than the release of pre-bm farts as they pass through the Queens intestines then out her ass. The sound and smell of these poopy farts are amazing!!! If you were there right now Lizzy would grab the back of your head and push your nose deep inside her cute little crack so you can experience the sweet essence of her intestinal gas for yourself.

"Mature Farts"
VideoHD - 6:55 minutes

I love to rip hot mature farts on your young hard cock. It really turns me on knowing that my Godly Gas makes your dick nice and hard. I wish you were here right now fucking the farts right out of my firm farting ass as we enjoy the vibrating smells together.