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April 23, 2014
"Punished in Teachers Gassy Ass"
Video - 17:37 minutes

One of Lizz's students is giving her a hard time in class so she calls his mother to arrange for a special Saturday School. Lizz, being the good teacher she is, will teach her student a valuable lesson Giantess style. Lizz will fart in her students face which will cause him to shrink, then she will force & torture him in her dirty gassy ass. Once the fart fumes wear off he will then grow back to his original size. Only problem is. . .Lizz can't stop farting! hahaha This is going to be a long and very stinky day for this little boy.

April 16, 2014
"Hershey Squirts Extreme"
Video - 5:19 minutes

OMG I think these are the best farts and wettest farts I have ever ripped in my entire life. I was shocked at how wet and juicy these farts came bubbling and screeching out. I will definitely need to take my leather skirt to the dry cleaners because I left a brown "Hershey Squirt" mess in my skirt.
April 5, 2014
Video - 5:30 minutes

Ewww these farts came out so wet that I actually left a squishy mess in my squirt. But I admit it sure felt good to get all the gas out and the smell was amazing!!! I had no idea that squishy wet farts could feel and smell so good!
March 27, 2014
"Oooh That Smell"
Video - 4:43 minutes

Who knows what Lizzy ate last night but today her farts smell extra smelly, extremely sweet, with a hint of pungent! The smell is so strong she could bottle the juice and make the best fart perfume in the world. Just like the song by Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Ooooh that smell. Can't you smell that smell. Ooooh that smell. The smell of death surrounds you."

March 20, 2014
"Lizzys Worst Gas"
Video - 5:46 minutes

Lizzy is getting ready to go out on a date but she has the worst case of stinky farts ever!!! So she sits on the bathroom counter and tries to get all the gas out before her date arrives. Ooops Lizzy ruined her leather skirt. The vibrations were so strong they actually hurt her pussy and ass. Now she will try her luck on the toilet as she blasts out loud, long and wet farts, but they just won't stop. Oh well. . .  If you want Lizzy at her best you'll have to take Lizzy at her worst.

March 10, 2014
"Dirty Dust Roads in Leather Thongs"
Video - 8:05 minutes

Ashley and Lizz got some new leather thongs and thought it would be fun to fart in them just to see how long the fart smell stays in. It's amazing how well the leather holds in all those fumes. So Lizz opens her mouth to taste Ashley's yummy gas, Mmmm very organic. Then they compare their dirty skid marks. Ewwww Ashley & Lizz's farts left dirty dust roads in their leather thongs. So naughty and sexy!

March 3, 2014
Video - 6:04 minutes

Right before I have to relieve myself I have the biggest. longest and wettest farts. So I like to sit on the porcelain seat and enjoy some amazing vibrations. It tickles my asshole and stimulates my pussy in a very nice way. Imagine if I was sitting on your dick!!! I think we would both really enjoy that.
February 16, 2014
"Farting on the First Date"
Video - 11:21 minutes

I'm all dressed up and ready to go out to dinner for Valentines Day. This is our first date so I want to make a good impression but I can't stop farting. Maybe if I get all the gas out now it will stop. Oh no my date is here and I am still farting. I just hope he likes gassy girls because I know I will be farting all night.

February 7, 2014
"Fluff in Your Face"
Video - 5:31 minutes

I love to fart under the covers then fluff it in your face. It makes me feel sensual knowing that you enjoy my sweet gas in the middle of the night and in the morning too. Ahhhhhh I can fart all night long and  make your sweet dreams even sweeter! So get under the covers with me and start sniffing now!

January 26, 2014
"Sweet & Sexy"
Video - 4:17 minutes

I love it when you watch me fart. I don't think it's gross and I don't think it's wrong. I actually think it's sweet that you enjoy the smell and I feel an intimate connection with you. Today I have a very special treat because these farts are extra sweet and very sexy. So pull up a chair and get close to my ass. I have sweet and sexy farts I want to share with you.
January 15, 2014
"Get in Deep"
Video - 12:39 minutes

I love when you burry your face right in my farting ass. And I love it even more when you get your nose in there nice and deep so you can smell every delicious ounce of gas. My farts smell so good when they pass through my jeans. And they smell even better when you get them bare ass in your face. So get in there nice and deep the way we both like it!

January 4, 2014
"Smooth & Smelly"
Video - 5:27 minutes

Lizzy just got done drinking a delicious smoothy for breakfast made with milk, yogurt and fruit. Of course it gave her gas almost instantly! Now Lizzy can show off her new tight jeans Queen Of Farts style. . .Smooth and Smelly just the way you like them!
December 27, 2013
"Eggnag Farts on the Toilet"
Video - 7:14 minutes

Ashley Dobbs and Lizzy the Queen Of Farts can't stop farting after drinking all that eggnog. They both shart their pants then rush to the toilet in gassy desperation. Ewww stinky eggnog farts splattering from their dirty butts. Toilet farts are the best

December 15, 2013
"Forced to Smell Egg-Nog Farts"
Video - 5:07 minutes

Ashley and Lizz are busy wrapping presents and come up with a great plan for Ashley's Mother-In-Law's gift. Because she is a horrible person whom Ashley despises, they thought it would be funny to fart on her doll right before they wrap it so when she opens the box the first thing she will smell is farts. So Ashley & Lizz take turns farting in the dolls mouth, on her hair, in the box, and they even leave fart juice on her dress. Ashley's Mother-in-law is going to get a gift she will never forget!

December 8, 2013
"Sharts in my Shorts"
Video - 7:29 minutes

Today my farts are extremely wet and bubbly. Almost like I am farting out a steamy mist. hahahaha And because I have to take a p00p they stink real bad too. In fact I have already changed my panties twice!

December 2, 2013
"Cyber Monday"
Video - 3:32 minutes

It's 5 days after Thanksgiving and Lizzy just finished all the left overs. For 5 days strait Lizzy stuffed her face with turkey, gravy, and her famous creamed corn. Poor Lizzy wants to go Christmas shopping today and get all the good deals but she cant leave the house until she gets all this gas out.
November 30, 2013
"Black Friday"
Video - 5:54 minutes

It's the day after Thanksgiving and poor Lizzy is exploding from her ass. That's what she gets for stuffing her face like a fat hungry pig, because now she is paying the price. All that food she forced down her belly has to come out some time. That time is now!

November 21, 2013
Public Toilet Fart & Cum"
Video - 13:57 minutes

 This video is not only hilarious but extremely naughty as well. AshleyDobbs and the QueenOfFarts  go into a public toilet and fart their brains out while other women are using the stalls right next to them. Then Lizzy takes out her favorite pink toy and begins to masturbate and cum. What can we say. . .farting makes them horny! hahaha I wonder if the other girls in the toilet nest door could hear them fart and cum.

November 13, 2013
"Fart Lattes"
Video - 13:04 minutes

During my visit to see AshleyDobbs and SexyKarenFisher I couldn't stop farting while Ashley was making us girls her famous Chai Tea Lattes. So I decided to set up my video camera and film the whole event. I fated on Ashley's floor, I farted on Karen's Lap, and I even farted in my glass to give the lattes a new flavor. YUM!!! Starbucks eat your fart. . . errr. . . I mean heart out! This video is 100% candid, uncut, and very funny! Karen enjoyed the smell but Ashley almost gagged.

November 4, 2013
"Toilet Grenades"
Video - 3:15 minutes

Once again poor Lizzy is at it again on the toilet. But this time her farts are so powerful they even shock her! Huge, loud, long, smelly explosive grenades rip from her ass down the toilet!

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